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Voyages of Valor

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth

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Discover the extraordinary life of Isabella Baumfree or more commonly known as Sojourner Truth, in this captivating and inspiring book. Follow her courageous journey from slavery to freedom as she fights for equality and justice. With vibrant storytelling and beautiful illustrations, this book is a must-read for young readers who want to learn about an incredible woman who changed the world for the sake of "justice for all".

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Customer Reviews

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Grace Stlouis
One more way to teach.

This Elizabeth Elliot book is an exciting book for a 5 and 7 year old. It opens their minds to start think about how God has a plan for them and what they might do as they grow older in their faith. The illustrations are Nice but not my style preference however that doesn’t take away from the book at all. I love having different books in my home for our kids to learn about the fullness of God besides bibles and Christmas. These are a nice addition to our armory.

Amazing book!

Our 4 kids absolutely love this book. It is vibrantly illustrated and beautifully and thoughtfully written. Finding a book on a historical figure for kids is difficult but we found a winner in this book and in her other books as well!

Lisa Jewell
Gospel and history weaved together

God takes center stage in this beautiful presentation of the life of Sojourner Truth. Children who have this book read to them or read it for themselves will learn about a difficult subject in our nations history, but from the perspective of a Christian worldview. The quote “God began drawing this vision of freedom in her heart, piece by piece as if it were a map” is one of the captivating lines that will inspire young readers to seek out God’s purpose for their lives. I look forward to reading the next Voyage of Valor!

Katie Joca
Beautifully Written

This story is wonderfully written and accompanied by beautiful illustrations. The author tells a tale that is easy to understand and educates the reader to the history of Sojourner Truth. This book will have a permanent spot in my classroom and bookshelf.

Easy Read - Great Story

I really appreciated the way this book was written. With such hard topics to explain to kids, the author did a great job making the history come through while also having a good storyline for kids to keep up with!