Christian parents face a challenge when it comes to finding good stories to read to their children that celebrate individuals who spread the message of the gospel and l biblical principles.

Voyagers of Valor is a series of beautifully illustrated children's books about ordinary people who have done extraordinary work for God. Our kids deserve better bedtime stories that reflect the values we hold dear and want our children to embrace.

The series is specifically designed to engage and educate young children aged 6 to 10. Each book contains captivating narratives that bring to life stories of incredible acts of faith. These books highlight the significant impact that brave Christians have had on the world and encourage young children to think about their own faith journey. These stories showcase faith, love, and dedication, inspired by the message of Jesus.

Why This

The ages between 6 and 10 are crucial for children's cognitive and emotional development. However, many children in this age group are missing out on inspiring stories about Christian missionaries who have made a significant impact throughout history. Voyagers of Valor fills this gap in the market and nurtures children's curiosity by introducing them to tales of original acts of bravery.

Why Me

As my daughter enters adolescence, I am amazed by the enduring impact from stories she read in her early years. As society drifts further from Christian values, finding appropriate content for our children is increasingly challenging.

As a homeschool mom, I am part of a network of like-minded moms who are constantly on the lookout for good books for our children. I have spent years searching for stories like Voyagers of Valor, but have always come up empty-handed. To meet the need, we created these books ourselves. Moms like me are eager to buy, collect, and share books like these.

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