Illustrated children's books about ordinary people doing extraordinary work for God

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  • Based on Biblical Principles

    These books will showcase some amazing men and women from around the world doing extraordinary things for God. Depicting Biblical Principles like trust, humility, joy, courage, and love throughout the pages.

  • True Stories of Faith

    These stories are full of real historical heroes doing great things for God. These stories of real ordinary men and women of faith, doing extraordinary things for God through knowing Him and making Him known around the world.

  • Veteran and Mom Owned

    Our children's faith is our focus. As a husband and wife team, we aim to show children the unique calling of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things for God. Everyone has a story that is unique and specific for God's kingdom work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the books about?

Did you ever want to open your children's minds and hearts to adventures that really mean something? Did you ever want those adventures to tell a story of something bigger? Something that was for the Kingdom?
These books tell the story of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things for God. Take an adventure with some of histories heroes and watch how the Kingdom of God unfolds!

How long do they take to read?

A 10 minute adventure before bed or in between school lessons. These books are living biographies for children, so the encourage conversations, questions, and discussions.

How do you select each person?

Each person has made an impact on the world with one tiny step of faith. All the stories told are based on true accounts of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God in various places all over the world. Each person depicted has already passed away and is with the Lord.

How much do they cost?

$18.99 per book plus S+H.

You pick the books and you pick the delivery speed!

Meet the Author

Jesus follower. Homeschool Mom. Marine Wife.

Hey, I am Danielle Lopes. When my daughter was young, I constantly searched for age-appropriate, inspiring tales of Christians taking bold steps in their faith.

My hope was to surround my daughter with living stories of people responding to God's call on their lives and taking courageous action.

With so few options, we eventually decided to take a leap of faith ourselves and create the books we searched so hard to find.

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